“The Blues Have Blown Away” aired on ABC’s show Nashville

On Wednesday, February 5, 2014, Shawn’s song “The Blues Have Blown Away” aired on ABC’s hit TV show, Nashville. Shawn wrote this song with fellow Big Yellow Dog writer, Jill Andrews. On Nashville it was performed by Connie Britton (Rayna James), and Lennon & Maisy Stella (Maddie & Daphne James). Since then the song has been […]


Shawn Camp Featured on Daytrotter Session

In May of 2013, Shawn Camp sang five songs on a Daytrotter Session that blew listeners away. The five songs included “Rain in Durango”, “Fallen Star Saloon”, “Magnolia Wind”, “Sis Draper”, and “The Grandpa That I Know.” Sean Moeller commented on the session by saying Camp “writes beauty into every […]



The Bluegrass Elvises. Vol. 1

1. 2007: A Bluegrass Oddity 2. Don’t Be Cruel 3. All Shook Up 4. Little Sister 5. Jailhouse Rock 6. Good Rockin’ Tonight 7. Burnin’ Love 8. Are You Lonesome Tonight 9. A Big Hunk O’ Love 10. Mystery Train 11. That’s Alright Mama 12. Hound Dog 13. Blue Suede […]


1. Fireball 2. Tulsa Sounds Like Trouble to Me 3.Love Crazy 4. The Way It Is 5. Fallin’ For You 6. Waitin’ For The Day to Break 7. Hotwired 8. Beagle Hound 9. Would You Go With Me 10. Love Ain’t Leavin’ 11. Nothin’ To Do With You 12. Just […]

Shawn Camp-Fireball

Live At The Station Inn

Live At The Station Inn

1. Travellin’ Teardrop Blues (Intro) 2. Travellin’ Teardrop Blues 3. Redbird 4. Forever Ain’t No Trouble Now 5. Dear Departed 6. Ain’t No Way of Knowin’ 7. Sis Draper 8. Magnolia Wind 9. Soldiers Joy 1864 10. The Guilt Was Gone 11. The Tune of the Twenty Dollar Bill 12. […]

Lucky Silver Dollar

1. Baby’s Gone Home to Mama 2. How Long Gone 3. Walkin’ the Line 4. Middle of Nowhere 5. Tune of the Twenty Dollar Bill 6. Lost at Sea 7. That Ol’ Love Thing 8. I Feel More Like I Do Right Now 9. Let’s Talk About Us 10. I […]



Shawn Camp

1. Fallin’ Never Felt So Good 2. Confessin’ My Love 3. K-I-S-S-I-N-G 4. I’m Not Just Passin’ Through – Shawn Camp, McBride, Jim 5. Man, What a Woman 6. Speakin’ of the Angel 7. Bound to Cry 8. One of Them Days 9. Turn Loose of My Pride 10. A […]